Climate Refugees – Film Screening & Discussion

November 8 — An encore screening of Michael Nash's documentary on the "human face of climate change."

climate-refugees_1In 2006, filmmaker Michael Nash learned that a U.N. University study found that there are more environmental refugees in the world than political or religious. With that in mind, Nash set out to document how humans worldwide are being displaced by environmental change and increasingly extreme weather conditions. Through personal accounts and jarring footage, Climate Refugees reveals how the effects of climate change extend from individual to national security. Learn more about the film at

A panel discussion, prior to the film screening, considered how socionatural orders encounter, understand, and adapt to the changing conditions and perceptions of climate, technology, resources and environmental knowledge. Panelists discussed why understanding natural conditions as both a medium and outcome of human experience can be a useful way of framing climate and displacement as global and long term processes, rather than as localized and limited crises.

5:30-6:30PM – Panel Discussion

  • Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, Assistant Professor of British History, University of Chicago
  • Mark Lycett, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and of Social Sciences and Director of the Program on the Global Environment, University of Chicago
  • Kathleen Morrison, Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences and Director of the Center for International Studies, University of Chicago

6:30-8:00PM – Film Screening

Cosponsored by the Center for International Studies, Program on the Global Environment, and DOC Films.

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