Fractured: A Public Discussion on Fracking and the Environment

An afternoon discussion of fracking and its environmental impacts kicked off a year-long series of events on Global Energies

Hydraulic Fracturing or “fracking” has transformed America’s energy landscape. This newly developed extraction technique allows companies to access oil and gas trapped in shale rock and other unconventional geologic formations. However, fracking’s impact on water safety, the environment, and the climate have raised grave concerns about its sustainability.

This event was an afternoon discussion of fracking and its environmental impacts.

Featured presenters included Terry Evans, photographer of “Fractured: North Dakota’s Oil Boom” (currently on exhibit at the Field), Margaret MacDonell from the Argonne National Laboratory , Rob Jackson from Duke University, Alaka Wali from the Field Museum, and Mike Ziri from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The event was moderated by Mark Lycett, Director of the University of Chicago Program on the Global Environment and Interim Director of the Center for International Studies.

This event is cosponsored by the Center for International Studies, the Program on the Global Environment, and the Field Museum.

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