Displaced: Land Grabs and the Politics of Biofuels

Watch an important conversation on the cost of biofuels beyond the gas pump

Biofuels–ethanols and diesels made from the likes of corn, soy, sugarcane, palm oil and switchgrass–increasingly define a significant part of the world’s agricultural as well as energy landscape.

In this panel discussion, anthropologists and a sociologists examined the often ugly politics of land associated with the global rise of biofuel production.  Drawing on research from Southeast Asia and Brazil, the panelists documented and analyzed how land grabs to form biofuel plantations have adversely affected local communities.  Watch this important conversation on the cost of biofuels beyond the gas pump.

The panel discussion features Tania Murray Li (University of Toronto), Paul Gellert (University of Tennessee) and LaShandra Sullivan (Reed College).  The discussion was moderated by Phillip Drake, CIS Lecturer in Environmental Studies at the University of Chicago.

This event was presented by the Center for International Studies,  the Program on the Global Environment, and the Environment, Agriculture and Food Working Group as part of “Global Energies: A Public Inquiry into the Ecology, Science and Politics of Energy in the 21st Century.”

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