Neoliberal Frontiers: Language and Political Economy Revisited

A symposium on past and future approaches to language and political economy

This symposium gathers scholars whose work exemplifies emergent themes in the language-focused investigation of neoliberal social forms, institutions, and affective experiences. Motivating the conference is the realization that twenty-five years have passed since the 1989 publication of several key articles that set out a theoretical and research agenda for the investigation of language and political economy. The time is thus ripe to take stock of the scholarship built from this focus on language and political economy as well as to look forward to new theoretical perspectives on language within a changing, global political economy.

Conference Schedule

8:00AM – Breakfast (at Franke Institute)

8:45AM – Welcome

9AM – 11AM
Panel One – Language and Neoliberal Selves

Bonnie Urciuoli (Anthropology, Hamilton College)
Miyako Inoue (Anthropology, Stanford)
Francis Cody (Anthropology, Toronto)

Discussant: Summerson Carr (SSA, Chicago)
Chair: Constantine Nakassis (Anthropology, Chicago)

11AM – 1PM
Panel Two – Governance and Publicity: The Communicative Regime of State Institutions

Douglas Holmes (Anthropology, Binghamton)
Andrew Graan (Ctr for Intl Studies, Chicago)
Amahl Bishara (Anthropology, Tufts University)

Discussant: Anya Bernstein (Law School, SUNY-Buffalo)
Chair: Don Kulick (Human Development, Chicago)

1PM – 2PM – Lunch (at Franke Institute)

2PM – 4PM
Panel Three – Privatizing the Commons: The Semiotics and Politics of Neoliberal Commoditization

Andrea Muehlebach (Anthropolgy, Toronto)
Julia Elyachar (Anthropology, UC-Irvine)
Rosemary Coombe (Law, Communication & Culture, York University)

Discussant: Susanne Cohen (Anthropology, Chicago)
Chair: Shalini Shankar (Anthropology, Northwestern)

4PM – 5:30PM
Roundtable Discussion­ ­–Language and Political Economy: Where Do We Stand?

Confirmed Participants:
Susan Gal (Anthropology, Chicago)
Michael Silverstein (Anthropology, Chicago)

Persons with a disability who believe that they will need assistance are requested to call 773-702-8274 in advance.

This conference was made possible by the generous support of the Franke Institute for the Humanities, the Department of Anthropology Lichtstern Fund, the CIS Norman Wait Harris Fund, the Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies, and the Semiotics Workshop. 

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