Russia’s Real Stake in Ukraine

Journalist and Russia expert David Satter discusses the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

In this talk, investigative journalist David Satter traces the roots of the present conflict in Ukraine back to the consolidations of power that took place in Russia in the wake of the Soviet Union.  Following on Boris Yeltsin’s government–one that left Russia in economic shambles, with massive popular discontent, and with a war in Chechnya–Vladimir Putin took steps to secure his grip on power. Satter discusses how Putin built a system of top down subordination and worked to the eliminate independent poitical centers, including business, the media, the courts and law enforcement and the parliament. As Satter elaborates, given this context and the common history of Russia and Ukraine, the example of the anti-criminal revolution in Ukraine was seen as a direct threat to Putin’s rule in Russia.

David Satter, a Russia scholar and former Moscow correspondent, is the author of three books on Russia and the Soviet Union. He is affiliated with the Hudson Institute, Johns Hopkins University, and the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia and is an adviser to the Russian Service of Radio Liberty.

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